Remove reviews without contacting us or no reason.. or unfair

We have got few reviews which seem to unfair.

No contact.
Asked a refund and we told them to send a refund request. But no contacting us.

Some of users are saying " Bugs " and 1 star. But they never contacted us. We sent a message via his profile.
But no answer. 5 min ago left a review and sent after 3 min later.

I think these are all unfair and hurting sales. It’s also hurting envato eventually.

Is there any way to remove them? Any experience to contact Envato support team?

Thank you,


My personal opinion is get in touch with Envato Author help center
and share details about that purchaser. Envato Customer Success will handle that.

Envato Market is Broad Marketplace in the World lots of people are roaming in here few of different.

No worry mates!
Everything will be fine.


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