How can I remove a rating that I left?

Hello, I left a review on a wordpress theme I purchased to use on a clients website. The review I left wasn’t a bad review, but not as positive as the theme developers would have liked. I found the theme to be a bit slow, and the developers and I couldn’t come to an agreement on fixing simple issues as they require a separated testing site and login credentials. Pretty standard stuff, but its not on the table as the company I am making this site for hosts their own site, and does not wish their login info to be shared. We quickly reached a stalemate, and while I did eventually figure out how to solve some of the issues I have encountered, the developers have offered and encouraged me to accept a refund which would remove my license to use their product. I can’t do this as the client wants to continue with this theme and most of the site is already set up. How can I remove the review I left? I think doing so may put me in a better spot with the theme developers. I doubt I will be able to go to them for support considering the limitations my clients have set; but I do not want the theme developers to cut me off. Any ideas on removing a review?

You can’t remove the review but you can submit a new review which will replace the previous one.

Thats a good idea.

You should be able to update the review. Try it once, if it doesn’t work, contact Envato support and explain the situation. They could remove the review for you.

To remove a review you left on a WordPress theme:

Log in to the platform.
Find your review on the theme’s page.
Edit or delete the review if possible.
If not, contact support for assistance.
Consider communicating your intentions to the theme developers to maintain a positive relationship.