Author misrepresented their theme and had my rating removed.

Recently purchased a WordPress Theme on TF that was misleading in the actual description (window) and also the author NEVER replied to my email however replied to my review of their theme. I clearly pointed out the information that was misleading and several other customers who purchased the theme also had the same complaints about their theme issues. While the theme has 5 star rating it also has several 1,2 & 3 star ratings as well.

The author stated they do NOT reply to auto generated emails (which my email is NOT) then the author lied on my comment about how I did not read correctly the information. I provided what I presumed was an honest review and gave them what I thought was an honest rating in stars.

Somehow my review was removed, and they (author) asked me to provide a better outcome (review) to settle this matter and reach out to them. How is this fair if you purchase a theme and it is misleading in the area where it lists all the features under the image of the demo? The way it was listed was not accurate and the theme was basically useless unless I ***installed additional plugins to make it work? When a customer spends a good amount of money on a theme ONLY to have their reviews removed and I did in fact ask for a refund and got no response from the author.

Other customers who purchased the same theme had similar complaints as I did. If I can not provide and honest review to inform the author on what needs to change or make it better and to have customers understand why I reviewed it then how is this being honest? Where is the help for customers? I have been an member for many years and it just seems like TF is taking sides in my opinion. I never rec’d a refund since I can not use the theme for my project. Any feedback would be helpful.

Unfortunately this is something that you would need to discuss with support as the community don’t have the full info or the ability to change things.

For what it’s worth authors don’t have the power to remove ratings. This would have had to be done by envato once they assessed the circumstances

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