Someone posted bad review for mistaken purchase, how to resolve this?

Hi Guys,

Someone posted bad review for mistaken purchase, he may thought its a WordPress Theme. He did not even asked for any support or help before after/purchase. This is awkward, how to get rid of these type of reviews? (as it has long term impact on item sells)
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Thanks in advance

Just accept it, variety of opinions is a sign of credibility…
The other positive opinions of your customers will reduce the effect of the negative one.


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Contact support and tell them about it. It will be removed, since that’s definitely not your fault :+1:t5:


Thats true. But, this kind of review has future consequences. Already suffering with other items :expressionless:

Thanks @Typps Yes, I should contact with support.

What does the review say out of interest?

I wouldn’t bet much on the removal although it is clearly an unfair rating.

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He couldn’t install on WordPress and wasted money for nothing

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Support has been fair with me in the past, so pretty sure this will be removed :sweat_smile::grin::crossed_fingers:t5:

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I trully hope so but from after I read Envato’s policy on the subject I am not very optimistic.

I would very much like to find out the outcome of this case.

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Yeah, envato support team removed the review after my email. All needed to know how to get rid of this kind of situation. Thanks to all for co-operation @Typps @HardEdgeie @sotto3d :heart:


Great news!
I am so very happy that I was wrong in my prediction.

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That’s great man, The support team are very good people

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