Mistaken Purchases

We are constantly getting refund requests for HTML templates because they are somehow(!) mistaken to be Wordpress themes. Even though it is clearly stated on the item pages of all of our HTML templates that they are not compatible with Wordpress. We are not really sure how to be more clear than this. We even get low ratings sometimes like it’s a template related issue. Does anyone else having similar problems? What do you guys do to fix this? Do you offer refunds for such mistaken purchases? What if they are faking it and actually trying to get the template for free? Maybe the most of them are honest, but how can we be sure?

Mistaken purchase is not a reason for refund, and that is clearly stated in the Envato refund policy. I am not refunding any ‘mistaken’ purchases.


Have you received any low ratings because of this? What to do then?

I did received few bad ratings, but to be honest, I don’t bother with that any more. Envato will not remove them, and in the end, they don’t make big difference, but after awhile such users will no longer bother you with refunds.

You speak about it so confidently. Have you at least once addressed this issue to the Envato Support? Because I have positive examples when such reviews were deleted.

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I tried few times to have ratings removed, but nothing happend, Envato says that they are not breaking review policy. And, if you read more through the forums, you will see that other authors had similar experience. I know that some reviews get removed, but most are not.

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Hmm, then maybe it depends on the reasons in each individual situation, and those arguments and evidence that the author has. But the fact that this rating system is far from ideal - here I completely agree with you.

We contacted Envato support regarding a low rating for a mistaken purchase and still waiting for a response. They really need to come up with a solution against reviews not related to items themselves. Such as blogs not working on HTML templates or trouble installing an HTML on Wordpress or not receiving a refund for mistaken purchases etc.

it happened for me one time and I accepted the refund, it’s not going to affect anything anyway …

Here is the Envato refund policy