A customer left 1 star rating and we think it's very unreasonable. Requesting your inputs

Please check the customer’s rating and our reply.

If he at least had the patience to read the FAQs, this could have been avoided.
The customer is not responding to our messages now. This is our first 1-star rating and we cannot be more disappointed. What can we do to avoid such incidents in future? Is there any way to report unfair negative reviews to Envato and get them removed?

I have had a lot of unreasonable 1 star ratings but you must move further without taking them personally. Reason for this is because you won’t get second answer from Envato Support than “This is Buyer’s Experience hence rating can not be removed” and another reason is that you will never get reply back from any user after 1 star rating(This is what i have experienced till yet)


I just hope that future customers use their head, and understand, that if many users are totally happy with something, and just a few have troubles, its most likely something on their side. I see it a lot when shopping on amazon etc.

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@awsmin - Be brave, don’t take it personally and move on, like this. I personally am sick of people that don’t appreciate the heroic efforts we authors make to create and maintain the products, thus all my replies to such customers are very acid.

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Oh the link is not working, I want to see! :slight_smile: