Today I got a 1 star review cause I didn't help a pirate

This user who bought my WordPress plugin around a month ago first requested to help him make it work in conjunction with another plugin. After I asked the specifics of the other plugin he didn’t hesitate to admit in the comments that he downloaded from a “nulled” site, and he even posted a link for me to get it so I can help him with it (the other plugin is also sold on CodeCanyon). I refused to help and reported the comment, and CodeCanyon staff immediately deleted. Then a week later he did the same post, I refused again explaining the reasons, reported again and the comment disappeared. Then sometime later he asked for the same thing yet again which i ignored, fast forward to today he posted an 1 star review saying that I failed to help him in his request.

its not my first time to get a bad review but this is time its complete absurd… I’m beyond frustrated!

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Don’t be frustrated about it, send a help ticket to the Themeforest help team and they will delete this Review. But send the details of this 1 star for sure, because the Rating Reviewers don’t have full understanding so you will have to fight with them and prove your point in one or two emails. But they are kind and in the end they will delete it.

Support doesn’t involve helping with 3rd party plugins. Contact Envato. Don’t make your support e-mail too long. Nice and short and to the point. Include screenshots where possible


unfortunate reality, I hate nullers. and they have guts to give you bad rating… good luck mate.

I opened a support ticket as you suggested. Lets see how it goes.

Thanks for the support by the way!

Let’s hope they can delete this nonsense review! Good luck!

I think the reviewer doesnt know exactly what he had done I think he doesnt know much about the nulled script .

lets hope they delete this review

but what if customer again gives 1star?