Report a buyer !

Hello everyone,

I had a script that was #1 rated app on codecanyon, there is a buyer who bought it and rated it 1 star just for taking me down, is there any chance i can restore it ? or refund the buyer ? or report him to Envato ?

Thanks all !

Did they leave actual feedback of just a blank 1 star rating?

I think feedback is a requirement for 1 star.

He left a 1 star with feedback, “there is a lot of bugs and the script is broken”.

But on my script, i know each user who install the script, and he even didn’t install the script, after purchase 5 minutes later he rated it with 1 star, and now he is trying to hack my demo script, i took him down, but he is still trying to hack.

His username [REMOVED]

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can try asking support you need to compile as much evidence etc. as possible

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  1. I totally see your pain, friend.
  2. Report the rating to Envato by using the link below and I am sure that if they find you “right” they will remove the rating.

There are “right” 1 star ratings and there are “notThatRight” 1 star ratings


Thank you boss, i appreciate your help !

It’s not just a pain mate, :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, but what if they removed it, he can rate again ?

I don’t think so else it would be useless :slight_smile:
Well, let’s be positive on this :slight_smile:


I would really like that it will end up differently but I’m afraid that they will just respond that it is relevant feed back and there is nothing they can do blah blah blah

Anyway give their response here so we can check it out.

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Yes. Ratings one removed can be re-added. And an abusive buyer can repeatedly do so. We have experienced this with a buyer who wanted a refund simply because he moved on to another theme and made the mistake of admitting it. Obviously, Envato wouldn’t refund for that reason and he rated the theme 1/5 immediately.

His ratings were removed thrice by Envato over the months that followed yet he rates again once every few months (changed to random number, and changes back to 1). We just assumed the person might be mentally disturbed to be so obsessed, and let him be.

Pure waste of atoms :frowning: