Unjustified bad rating - how can I "fight" this?

Here is the rating I just received on my newly released script:

It is entirely false as I am using MySQLi (not MySQL) and have developed the script on a PHP 7 installation, so it is 100% PHP 7 compatible

Now all of the months of hard work developing the script have gone to waste.

Just from one 1 star rating the overall rating of the script has gone down to 3.33

How can I “fight” this rating? I tried contacting the customer, but he does not reply. I even offered him a refund…with no reply as well. I guess some people enjoy destroying others work…

Will Envato help me in this case if I contact them? I want to refund this user, or at the least remove his rating.

Hey mate, check this article, I hope this helps! https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500314-How-can-I-report-a-comment-on-my-item-page-

Do not offer refund. Contact Envato support ask for removal of the comment

:slight_smile: I have some buyers, just rate 1star within mins and go, seems like they don’t care the money or use the item actual.
Even I ask Envato support to contact them so I will refund if they don’t use our item but still no response.
Conspiracy theory from competitors? only god knows!

Some of them expects too many things from a 49-59$ theme. This is not the end product and they should be aware of it.
Still, lucky me, I didn’t have too many bad experience.

yeah, that’s the bad thing if you cannot draw a border line between a disciplinary author and a nice author.
One if my buyer think theme authors should complete their projects as their clients are pushing them to complete. They ask us to move X to Y, change this to that, he lost some when he miscongif their site… and if we donot support, they will curse us and tell us to refund. They will never open a refund, they just threat us in CAPITALIZED LETTER in comment section just to let us help him to complete his project.