Reporting a developer for bad theme


I have noticed issues with a theme. i have proved those issues by screenshot and inspect mode. The theme support basically replied with ‘we have awesome ratings, 99% of the issues are your fault’


Worst customer service ever. These guys should be removed from envato.

Hey, I checked their themes and their source code also, they are amazing.
Most probably you are doing something wrong.

It is better not to trash ppl btw :slight_smile:

Why is it assumed I am doing something wrong? I have provided screenshots and a valid argument. Its there for all to see.

I have yet to see a valid response with reasonable evidence to prove me wrong.

However, my other point is the defensive and accusatory tone of the theme developers. Awful customer service.

This type of issue is not suitable for forums - only verified buyers can read the thread.

If you believe there is an issue with a theme then you need to speak to support who will investigate.

Calling out authors or buyers out in forums is not allowed so going to close the thread in the meantime.