New Feature Suggestion for Envato Rating System

Hi Folks,

Just going through forum and again found a new discussion thread regarding the Envato rating system. It is a frequent issue authors are having now a days. Customers just buy product and give a bad rating due to some imaginary features which product is not having even though that feature is not advertised or mentioned in product description page.

My question is, in these kind of cases is it a author’s fault? Even in so many cased authors try contact Envato support to get these reviews removed but unfortunately they got nothing out of it.

In my opinion authors at least get a chance to put their explanation/reply for the customer review/comment. Like if a customer post a bad rating for some feature which product is not advertised for and not mentioned in product description page then at at least author can reply to customer’s review/comment and it must be visible to all marketplace customers. In that case if any customer is giving bad rating for wrong/irrelevant concerns then at least the new customers who are interested in product and seeing the bad rating of product will get to know that its not authors fault. Just like

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Same problem here!

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Same here!

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Authors have been asking for this for a long time. The answer is usually anonymity - which I don’t get as why does the name need to be published? It’s a shame when we can’t help a customer when we know we could if only we could respond.