Buyers abuse our support system

Hi all author & staff,

I got a buyer who created hundreds of topics on our support forum (alone took nearly 30% of all topics created so far) to ask for every single changes, customize, or even how to use WordPress.
The support team is exhausted to be nice in such a very long time and now it’s time for us to decline those nice things.
He even chase after us in every single topic, when he saw any topic is answered he will paste his question there, just don’t care anything.
Can I ban him?
I just ask if I refused to support and he will rate 1 star, whom Envato will be with?
Me or the buyer?
or is the any thing that I can active refund him as he doesn’t have enought expertise to use and don’t want to use any service from Envato studio as I suggested. It seems he is abusing the kindness of our support system.

Best regards,

It sounds like a great deal of these request are far beyond “support” - I’d email support and explain the situation and get their stance on it but personally I would just politely explain it is outside the scope of reasonable support.

You have to be very specific in your support forum as to what your support entitles them to. If they are going beyond what you have specified, be polite and say “I apologize but your requests goes beyond our specified support. If you are not happy please request a refund and I will gladly approve it from my end.” I rather give a refund than spend hours working on abusive customers. Cheers!

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No reason to refund if the the item is functioning.