How do i handle Harassment from a buyer?

Hi everyone its been a while here.

So quick question i want the opinion of a moderator or a staff on this. I support my buyers via WhatsApp for real time messaging, but as it appears some are however offended if we don’t reply immediately. I had a buyer contact me for support, but from the tone of his conversation he was insisting support on installation. We all know that installation is not part of support, however, we do assist most buyers in installation via Remote Desktop Support. In the case of this buyer, considering the fact that he took on to the comment section to give us a bad rating before we could get to his turn for support, we decided not to support any longer as we as a team do not deal with clients who think they can get the better of us by threatening with bad rating or law suit where it is not justified.

So we asked this buyer to initiate a refund, so that we can approve immediately but he insisted he does not want, and this time he is threatening to take our item down. A week went by i was expecting to hear from envato staff, with the hope that the buyer himself had helped us lodge complaint. Now we have him spamming the comment section and giving potential buyers a bad impression.

Please advice on what to do as we asked him to initiate a refund request, but he does not want to.

You should definitely get in touch with Envato Authors Help and Support to report this buyer’s behavior. Send a screenshot of the relevant chat log(s) if possible as evidence.

Harassing authors, abusing the review system, and spamming comments are all prohibited here so they will be dealt with swiftly.

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I would do that now, but is there anything i could do for now, as the more i flag his comments the more he writes new one. A buyer could have a second thought if he/she sees a flood of comments “currently being reviewed”

Unfortunately the only thing you can do against those comments is flag them until support takes care of it. Make sure to mention that he’s spamming comments in your ticket, and they’ll clean it all up ASAP.