Being harrassed by a customer

Currently being harrassed by a customer who already received a refund. I contacted envato support and they told me to keep flagging his comments, however this is getting out of hand. Here’s a screenshot of the times he has left rude and disrespectful comments:

[screenshot removed]

Why isn’t envato able to do anything else about it? If a seller was behaving this way towards customers I’m sure the outcome would be different. I need to focus on improving, debugging, providing support, etc. This is unaceptable and should not be allowed in the marketplace. Envato, please take note of this.

I had a similar experience during the previous months from a user that kept trying to make me give my projects for free.
Flagging comments wasn’t a solution because even after three weeks the flagged comments (threats, forgeries and lies) weren’t seen by moderators .
Finaly I have contacted support and they revoked commenting rights for this user and deleted all the relevant comments.
Best of luck.

Thanks for the info. I will make contact again.

As @sotto3d suggested, report him and request a temporary ban for him if he’s breaking the terms and conditions