Ability to Ban Users from buying / commenting on items

Everyone gets that 1 out of 100 buyers that are just too obnoxious to work with. (They want excessive customization, blame theme author for everything, etc)

It would be nice to get the ability to ban these kind of buyers from our items.

Additionally, it would be nice to show this on user icons as well, so we 'll be warned about obnoxious buyers that are banned from other authors.

Envato, this is a two-way street. Buyers get reviews before they get to work with us and we should get some tools to filter out certain kind of buyers.


That’s never going to happen mate. It’s called an open market for a reason. Everyone can sell, everyone can buy. As you must abide to the Item Support Policy as an Author so must Buyers. You already have the ability to Report Comments from buyers and also you can get in touch with support. There are 2 teams readily available, the Customer Success Team and the Author Success Team. Both have the sole purpose of keeping everyone happy and in sync with the Terms.

That being said, the fact is 99.9999% of Buyers are awesome, as are Authors, there is the small chance of arguments happening between the two, and that’s where Envato Support comes in. Shaming Buyers or Authors with reviews is not going to happen, even if this would hypothetically only be an internal system.

The general idea is as follows. Both you, as an author, and the buyer are protected by the Item Support Policy. Buyers get a refund if they don’t get good support, you get your rating / comment removed if the buyer is forcing your hand to offer services that are not covered by the policy.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

I am aware, and author support works superb.

It would be a nice to have feature.

At least, it would be nice to see user “refund” history for buyers manipulating the system.


Support can see and investigate these as well. As well as previously removed ratings for the author. It’s a pretty efficient system!

I wouldn’t worry much about it mate.

Treat customers as you’d like to be treated if you were the customer.

That’s my motto, and it’s served me well every time. I had a few customers myself that were trying to game the system, but in 30.000 sales soon, I don’t mind. And out of those 95% I managed to talk to them and bring the conversation to an even field and explain the terms so we ended up friends in the end, and the funny part is, that one of them is now a very recurrent customer of mine for customization work.

I can understand situations where you have a bad day, they have a bad day, and all hell breaks loose, but we’re professionals, we work with people all day, so the middle ground of calmness must be reached, if all else fails, Buyers have Envato Support, Authors have Envato Support. It’s a win-win situation! :slight_smile:

No, it 's not like I was frustrated at a customer, don’t stereotype the authors :wink:

So this customer is mad because she wants something that is not technically possible and not a feature of the theme after a year. She purchases support license to open a ticket for this.

She blames us.
She blames Envato.

She commented 40 times on item comment page, rates 1 star about 3 times even though Envato Author support kept removing the comments and reviews.

She harassed us through email.

She threatened the Envato Support. (They were pretty shocked as well)

Envato support removed her commenting rights and banned her.

She kept going and got her refund, because no one wants to deal with someone like this.

However, she was reinstated after she calmed down I think.

The result is she got her refund, but the fact is that she f-d up everyone’s 10 days.

I don’t want her to be customer of a fellow Envato author nor a customer of my foe.

Maybe author-only rating system of buyers?

I was similar problem like this, I have contacted with support of Envato to block them, but I cannot wait the support from Envato and final I need refund to stop spam comment.