How to Report Buyer ?

I am facing difficulties in buyer support

  1. Usually, a buyer purchases Theme and take Support after full installation they apply for Refund.
  2. If I don’t give them refund they will give you bad rating
  3. After I update my Theme, the same user purchase the theme and then take full support and again apply for full refund

What is the best solution to avoid or report this type of buyers. ?

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I’m having similiar problems and it’s very annoying…

I don’t know why Envanto doesn’t care about this really big problem. Customers trying to get a theme, after this take support and absolutely for free.

Why just don’t show the customer statistics of it refunds on the dispute page? So if there are a lot of refunds then we can ask envanto to check this customer.

This one can be solved with the help of Envato

Members from Envato team said numerous times on this forum that if such situation happens (client leaves bad review just because he didn’t get refund or didn’t get support after support is expired), author should contact Envato and review will be removed. If client continues re-adding it, they will take a closer look at this client.


Exactly! Blackmailing and fraud is absolutely not tolerated and Envato has a zero tolerance policy for both authors and buyers. So do report anyone that attempts or blackmails you!


Any link , where to report?

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You can contact support with this link :slight_smile:

Too bad, such buyers understand that if they mention anything about the refund, their reviews will be removed. We’ve had cases where we’ve even refunded after 3 years of sale just to avoid a bad rating. I have created numerous tickets to Envato on allowing Authors the liberty to block users from purchasing their items but that call has always fallen to deaf ears.

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Had one customer who threatened to discredit me and my works to Envato just because I denied the refund request as it had nothing to do with my project. It was an issue with her Macintosh. So in short, she kept the source code as well as got her money back cause I live off of CodeCanyon income, I did not want to risk loosing my account even though my project had no bugs or issue.

What can an Author do? how does Envato ensure that authors that work hard for their projects don’t get scammed like these?

Sorry but that link give us no option to write directly to support describing these type of issue

Would you please share the link to create tickets?

1 Year Old Topic.

Here is author help center

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