Suggestion to improve review/rating and refund system

Dear Fellow Authors and Envato Team,
I hope you are doing well, After reviews became live we are facing a high rate of refunds and bad reviews/ratings, Buyer is purchasing items and then apply for a refund after downloading item and if we reject his/her refund request they post a negative review to get a refund. I have a couple of suggestions to make improvement in the system.

  1. As per Envato support policy authors are not liable to provide support if customer support is expired but if we do not provide support to those customers they post a negative review, so review system should be connected to support’s validity and the only user with valid support should post a review.

  2. buyer should not be able to post review or review should be removed if the buyer has no proof to contact the author for support.

  3. After expiry of support buyer should not be eligible for a refund.

I would request to all authors to provide your suggestions as well.

Thank you

In cases like this, you can contact support and they will remove the unfair reviews. If the user repeats the offense, simply contact support again. I hear support will block them from posting reviews if they keep it up.

You can contact support here:

I as a buyer sometimes forget to leave ratings until many months down the line, after my support has expired.

I always leave a review but if we locked down the review system to only active support subscriptions I wouldn’t be able to give my constructive (albeit quite delayed) feedback, which other buyers will benefit from. The author would also miss out on my 5-star rating. :wink:

As an author, I’ve had many events where buyers left positive feedback even longer than a year after their purchase.

Since there’s many other reasons to leave a rating than support, I don’t believe this would be a smart move. You can still contact support about abusive reviews. They will remove them.

This is a little more tricky of a scenario, and probably a major influential factor as to why reviews were made public. We can publicly respond to reviews like this with something constructive and positive, such as:

      Hello & thanks for the feedback. I don’t see any emails or comments from you about this issue. Can you please contact me [here] so we can get this sorted swiftly? Thanks!

This will show other buyers that you do work to support the item and that the review is invalid.

I personally disagree with this. There’s no foretelling what kind of situation will occur, where the author may be willing to provide a refund. The ability should be there, just in case.

The only time a buyer is eligible for a refund is when they’re within the refund policy. Since we can already decide whether to reject or approve a refund, there’s not really a reason to restrict it to the expiry of support.

The refund policy is here:

Hi allenherbert,
Thank you for response,
We have/had contacted envato multiple time and provide proof of blackmailing factors but nothing changed.

Authors are liable to provide support if a buyer has valid support period. but buyer most of the time try to blackmail and leave a nagative rating if support not provided after expiry so if support is expired and buyer leave rating due to support it would be an unfair rating for the thing for which buyer is not eligible until he/she renew his/her support.

again problem is that Author cannot afford negative rating so we are bound to release refund even buyer is not eligible for a refund