Refund is so easy and so accessible since we can seee in support hc & footer menu link

Hi all authors & Envato staff,
Since 2 years working here, this month we got a very huge number of refunds with very nonsense reasons:

  1. I bought it for the demo to clients but I missed this business so I would like to refund, we don’t need the theme now
  2. Template doesn’t provide images like demo so I would like to refund
  3. Hey, I want an admin system like the new approved items “abcxyz” and your theme doesn’t support it so I would like to refund.
  4. Seller does not provide customization so I want to refund.
  5. I cannot import like the demo (they haven’t read the doc and even not giving us an opportunity to do it for free of charge)
  6. I have some issues with the theme import so I have to buy another them right after that, we don’t have time (it seems reasonable but this is legal to buy and switch to another theme (without asking for support) within 15mins?)

If I don’t refund, 1 star is not avoidable.
Actually, our most 5 stars have been got from the old years, buyers from the old times really motivates us to do more and more with a true sympathy & understanding. Now new buyers consider us, authors, as a cheap labour and ask for everything with a theme price? I notice most of thẹ stars rating guys have registered from 2-3 years ago, the new buyers have mostly registered within less than 6 months.
Buyers are also aggressive these days, we got at least 2 buyers swearing at us like with many hard-to-listen words just because their hosting limits so they cannot use the one click demo importer which requires a bigger size limit.

The question I want to open is that “the refund tool now very easy to use & accessible through item download page, footer menu & support help center so the refund tool has been abused a lot?”

It’s always been in the help area and, (while I agree completely about preventing people misusing the process), trying to hide the link is futile and will only serve to potentially make people more unreasonable.

yeah I am quite agree with this too, I wonder if anyone can suggest a possible solution about this?
It seems that we are in bad luck to get such buyers this month. Just did a search on the Themeforest comment from these buyers and see that in most cases, they complain (rude words in all CAPITALIZE) and asked for new requests that the theme didnot support, rated 1 stars and asked for refund. Some of the authors ended up by giving refund. This is not Good for authors & Envato.

Again I completely agree with you.

It’s just that there is only so much that envato or authors can do e.g. how accounts are locked if a buyer opens a reversal, and believe it or not, it is a minority who behave like this.

I’m sure if you have good ideas to help then envato would want to hear them

yeah, define a so-called certain threshold as we, trusted author accounts, also reached after getting a certain threshold.

I remember one topic talking about a function called “buyers ratings” but I think it will lead to negative impact (or even personal attack). I think Envato should define a certain threshold for some buyers.
Authors can have their own secret tool to report at their own discretion. Some doubtful or bad behavior should be reported and get some specific penalties in the future as being educated.
Some big ecommerce website at my country is doing this when the system has some suspect on some unusual users. They can ban the user and even if they can ban a city, country if they have to.
@BenLeong Please have some policy, term as a prompt/preventive strategy to maintain the market health (and the product value, author effort and keep positive motivation on good buyers)