How we can I contact envato support to complain about a theme author and get a refund ?

I have been a customer with Envato and purchased a number of items.

What I have noticed is that some theme authors deteriorate and have bad services!

Envato needs to protect its customers from abuse and low-quality providers

How can envato ensure a theme author give us our money back after wasting our time and money?

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It would depend on the item and issues but first point of contact for refunds is the author - if they are not helping then you can go to envato

Envato Market Help and Support

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I’ve made several requests to the author, but unfortunately, they have been unresponsive. This situation is similar to other marketplaces like the Apple Store, etc…

As a standard business practice, marketplaces are responsible for ensuring the quality of the providers they host, especially when transaction fees are involved. In this case, if the author continues to ignore our requests for cancellation of license and refund, it raises concerns about how envato should address this matter.

Should I be required to spend more money, waste additional time and effort on subpar products, and endure the frustration of chasing an unresponsive author?

Moreover, there seems to be a lack of transparency regarding the refund policy. Why isn’t there adequate support or a trial period for customers to evaluate products and avoid falling victim to manipulation?

In marketplaces like the Apple Store or Alibaba, it is the marketplace’s responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction, we are not talking about delightful experiences, we just want to make sure the product is free of bugs or quality issues. Shifting the problem to the author doesn’t resolve the issue, as I see myself as a customer of Envato, and therefore, Envato bears responsibility.

I believe that Envato, as a brand, faces multiple issues like this, and it’s crucial to establish a clear policy where the protection and satisfaction of customers always come first.

If the author is unresponsive then after a period of time you are able to contact envato and have them investigate etc.

Fits the same principal as the App Store etc if you had an issue with an app then Apple are not going to be the ones who fix it but if you have no luck with the developer then you can escalate it.

Envato do vet all items when they are submitted to ensure quality. Because of the volume of items and the fact that authors retain ownership and responsibility for development and maintenance, irs not feasible for envato to be able to remain fully aware of the status of every item for sale but they will step when necessary.

I agree completely (speaking as a power buyer) but they also need to support authors and overcome confusion or misunderstanding by buyers when that arises. If you read these forums you will see it’s quite common.

For that exact reason. Things like software or apps can have limitations post trial implemented. Here buyers can download source code which means that if the buyer wanted to there is very little/nothing that an author can do to prevent them using the item beyond the trial period.

Just like support, updates, etc everything is about envato trying to find a good place for everyone and create a two way street in an almost impossible situation.