Buyer threatening to put negative reviews if no refund issued - What should I do?

This user is threatening to add very negative reviews if i do not refund his money. Did any other authors here have this from the same user, it seems to me that he buys an item and then asks for refunds, getting our works for free. If he does add a negative review can the TF team remove it?

Appreciate comments from moderators too @charlie4282

Don’t refund to such users. Point them to Envato refund policy so that will understand when they are eligible for a refund.


I declined his refund twice, this is the 3rd one. this case was simply not eligible for a refund.

Keep declining and report such buyers to Envato.

How do i report a buyer?

You can email support here

They are the best people to help you. Make sure you include the screenshots of those messages as behaviour like that is really not allowed.


Thank you!

Your screenshot is clear proof of blackmail and that user should be punished for abusing the system or get his account disabled.


I had the same issue few weeks ago. I contacted the Envato Support and asked to removal the comment. You can do the same. You’re not the only one, no worries!

On the other side, if it’s about the theme or features that actually doesn’t work, you should refund the money. Not sure which one is your case but either you have to fix the problem if there’s any or refund


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Don’t decline request, just don’t respond and report it to support with screenshot as evidence of blackmail.

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Reported to TF 2 days ago, waiting to hear from them.

any update?

I issues refund fearing he may spread my file in pirate sites, atleast now he won’t be able to do that with the latest versions.

I requested TF team to look into his purchase history and ban the user if he did the same with other purchases as well.

As if items don’t get pirated. He may wont do it but there are people who do. So, you should have not provided a refund.

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Its so sad that these types of refunds are more and more used by the buyers.

Fake reasons like:
“It was a mistaken purchase” - But the item was downloaded;
“Item is broken” - But the item is used on their website;

Guess what?!

  • Client buys a theme;
  • Put it on Nulled Sites;
  • Ask for refund;
  • If no refund is provided, gives you a 1 star review;
  • Because you don’t want negative reviews, then you provide the refund;
  • Bam!! Client remains with the item and also with the money :rage:

###Seller Protection
I think Envato needs a new strategy to deal with this type of clients. We all need to come with suggestions to improve the system.

###Regarding your case
Any time when you have problems like this one the best way to solve them is to get in touch with the Support Team in a ticket.


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What a sad ending. The bad guys won :clap: :clap: :clap:


There isn’t much we can do about this :frowning:

I did contact TF. But they too are unable to do anything about nulled sites right? So I thought this was better.

“Mistaken Purchase” is something TF should remove.

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Well done! You encourage him for the next purchase!


Wrong decision. The one who purchases for pirate site can even be kind but his intentions don’t depend on your behaviour at all.