Refund request, threatening for bad review

I got refund request and if the refund request is not provided then they are threatening for a bad review. After purchase he does not want it saying it’s lot of work for him use it. I gave the support as well.
There is nothing wrong in functionality of the plugin , customer just wanted it to try that.
What is the recommended action please?

Where did the buyer make that threat? On the refund request or via email?

I provide live chat support

Well, you definitely do not need to accept the refund request. Envato has zero tolerance for threats of any kind.

If they leave a negative review, you can open a Help ticket and inform them of the situation. Chat logs containing the threat would be nice as well, if you’re able to include them. Envato will remove the abusive review. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for answer.

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Yes you need to open ticket and ask envato team to help you in this. Or also you need to ask client to come back and solve the issues.