Envato author support do not respond.


Please how long we must wait to receive support? I’m disappointed very much with the speed of responding on my ticket.

After 10 years on the market I think support should have more time and sense for power and elite aithors at least. Envato author support on the Twitter is dead too.


Are you sure that you open a ticket from Envato Author Support Team ?

Hey, good question.

Yes, after ten years here I’m more than sure how to ask for the help when I need it.

After James left who taking care about authors now?

James was not part of the Author Success team. That team is intact and still providing excellent support. They are just flooded with work. Use the link @unlockdesign mention and Tweet your ticket number to @envato_help on Twitter. They’ll get back to you in due time.

Huge are author exist here to open ticket from other ticket link!!
I had open lots of ticket from author support team but they didn’t get 2-3 days more…! may be ticket queue is a little larger now. I hope they will reply to you soon.

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James was a huge part of author success. I’m grateful to him so much.

There is no sense to do not reply on my tickets so long on the urgent query for our item and us. Especially for older authors like me it is really disappointing.

I know every aspect of this marketplace so I’m waiting to be resolved.

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We all are. But the “Author Success” support team has nothing to do with James mate.

I’m glad you do. Therefore you know you should wait and the forums can’t assist you, so your patience is appreciated! :blush:

I’ll be patience of course, after 7 days I’ll stay patience. We will see how long more it will take. I’m glad that you will keep this topic active. Thank you.

Who is on the James place now?

Forum was helpful always.

James was a great part of the author success, including support.

We’re not getting anywhere with this, therefore, as mentioned before, the Author Success Team, which has nothing to do with what you said, will get to you in the shortest possible time. Patience is appreciated and remember to tweet your ticket number to @envato_help.

I agree completely. So please avoid commenting on my topics if you are not keen to read what is written.

So, like I said tweets and support are dead. Any other suggestion except to keep repeating the same over and over 6h later?


yes unfortunately i am waiting too. :roll_eyes::clock1030::clock1030:

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Always send your ticket number to @envato_help in case of emergencies. This will be picked up and checked, and in case of an actual emergency it will be priorities accordingly.


And many more people/authors waiting but they think that there is no sense to say anything anywhere anymore here, no one listen.

But I strongly believe that this marketplace is great. Also can be better no matter if there are some bad things like long time waiting for urgent things, urgent for us/authors at least, on support etc.

So, before I received a fast message from Skyler or someone on Twitter that there is high load, now is dead silence.

Still waiting…wake up please.

Still waiting…

I’m going to lock this down because it’s getting a bit punchy. Support will respond when they can. Despite the thousands of tickets they get a day, it’s also the weekend so that should also be accounted for.