Envato support complain, huge.


Support hasn’t replied to my ticket number #1281537 and connected #1299020 in almost 20 days.

Can anyone like @KingDog or @BenLeong help out maybe? Really have no sense to wait so long without any answer except non reliable answers on twitter that answer will be provided, day after day and nothing happened.

Hope this will not be unlisted like my two previous threads.

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Hello @pebas

Your ticket was delayed as it came in via our old Customer Support team. We now have a dedicated Author Support Centre recently launched - please ensure you update any old bookmarks with https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us and ensure you open any future tickets with us here - direct link https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks :slight_smile:

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And now my posting is limited, waiting for moderation. Please explain. Am I insulting anyone when asking for help? :slight_smile:

Let me repeat please:

  1. Ticket is sent trough dedicated author help links you provided at least 15 days ago.
  2. We received one answer around 15 days ago from new support staff.
  3. On twitter they said: “Answer will be ASAP” and similar day after day for 15 days…that sounds funny now.

So, no my intention to insult, there is my intention to point on things which can be improved here. Today is me, tomorrow you. Nothings else.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


You can post question here, If may community member can reply and help you quickly

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

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I sent ticket trough your links I think 15 days ago. I think that Dedicated Author Support responded to me around 15 days ago and never again.Why is that please?

I do not understand but I just want to know what can I do to get an answer finally? Resend ticket, open new, ask elite@envato…any other suggestion?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This was moderated post now approved, actually should be on top, like reply on @anon76595093 first post.

Hello @pebas

We never face problem like this not receive reply even after 15 days :frowning:

We get reply from envato in 1-2 days, Not know what and where is issue. I am sure you will get reply soon.

Don’t Worry :slight_smile:


Just received a message that Customer Leadership Team is on my ticket and regular support, which are mostly great, are unable to advise status and time for resolve. :neutral_face:

Ok, thank you. Same message was received 15 days ago and nothing still.

So what that means, who is Customer Leadership Team? Another branch of support for Envato Authors maybe. Can anyone clarify?


Thanks @pebas for your post. As per your discussion in your Elite ticket, I have escalated your original ticket and you will hear back from the leadership team shortly.

Thanks for your patience

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Hi Will,

All was fine from your side always @Will4490, fast and prompt always. Also to clarify, my complain is not pointed on you Will, Megan or Mac etc. So maybe sounds like that because I got yesterday ‘half-instructions’ how I must write here in order to be listed, in true meaning how to pass censorship. Bad thing in my opinion is not censorship, actually bad thing is faith that you do good thing when you do censorship.

My honest complain, which was unlisted and removed twice yesterday, is more pointed on the “system” which allow taking money from us fast and almost without any explanation except statement notice about it. That means that you can see money take off only if you click to see statement or track sales very precise which is not possible at some level of sales.

So, actually there is no real notification and there is no notification about real reason which caused taking money from us. Now, we should just have faith that all is fine and shine. Hmm, is that ok? No, in my opinion. In our case we dig little deeper, demand clarification and found that is not quite simple.

We just ask for explanation and resolve.

Not sure why is all so slow now, some Customer Leadership Team appear, twitter ‘magic circle’…stuck…pff maybe never mind anymore.

Just let me write without censorship.

OK? :slight_smile: