No answer from Envato Help for 3 weeks

Hi guys. Have you ever managed to get any support from Envato Help?
I submitted a ticket 2176639 three weeks ago, but had no answer from them at all.

What was the issue? Sure it didn’t go into your spam?

No, it’s not in my span.
The issue was about the problem with one of the wordpress themes we’ve bought.


You need to contact theme author to fix any issue regarding theme.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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I contacted them and had some problems with their support, so decided to contact Envato but go no answer.

Hope you contacted envato from this link:

and you received a auto responder (immediately) with your open ticket id.
If all the above things are done already then you should receive reply as you mentioned 3 weeks past.

Otherwise please create a new ticket using the above link.


Yeap, I’ll wait for another three week with a new ticket ))

Hi @alexstudy,

You may need to check your spam folder. I can see that your original ticket opened on 28 November was replied to by our support staff on 3 December, and your followup ticket opened on 14 December received a reply from support on 14 December.

Hopefully you find those replies and your issue gets addressed!

Was there a solution for ticket 2176639? Where can I see the solution? I don’t have that email.