Where to get contact with envato support team?

I have problems with some plugins.
Author doesnt answer tickets, I cant find contact email with envato who sold the plugin.
After 1 week trying to contact them, I only found this way.
Why there is no contact form on envato?

Envato Market Help and Support

How long have you given the author to reply?

Envato won’t give item specific support - only try to address if the author offers support but does not provide it

Hi, 2 weeks ago.
No response.

No reply from author yet.
No support from envato team.
Nothing else yet.
3 weeks past.

Hi, http://enva.to/Help
this is the contact mail given on this site. I found it by going to the three dashs on the right top of the page. THEN GOING to “about” and then scrolling down the page to the bottom. In the end of the page i found this support email. I m attaching ss for your ease.

Hi, thank you for reply.

But Im looking that they are forum moderators, everyone will solve my problem with the author support?

Hi @felinecrisis,

Sorry! to know that you are facing problem with the support of the item author.
Please can you try with posting a Comment in your purchased item Comments page and let them know that you have opened a support ticket but no reply from them (Author Team).

If the author still no response then please open a support ticket here and let them know:


Ok, posted a comment 24/08/21.

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Still waiting for some support.

Have you submitted a ticked with Envato Support as well?

Anyway, if the author is not replying after all this time then then Envato Support will most likely just offer you a refund, but you can just request it yourself:

Yes I do that.
I put comment in plugin page.
I wrote here, and I was looking to take a support from envato.
But always says to write here to ask.
What can I do?
There is no support, no reply, nothing.

Again, if the author is not replying to you then you need to contact the Envato Support. Have you already created the ticket with Envato Support?

You can do it on this link: