No Support from Author, what to do ?


I bought the product hereunder on the 20 Sep. with default 6Mo support :
mami under construction template 19870359

The same day I sent 2 emails to the email address in the documentation since I had a few issues.
Getting no reponse, on the 22 Sep I decided to comment in the ‘Comment’ Section of the product on Envato Market to tell the author that I’ve sent an email.
On the 24 Sep, I decide to use the support section on Envato. We’re now the 26th and still no response, what are my options now ?

Thanks !

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Maybe was sent in spam. Ask author on item’s page, maybe there you will recive faster answers.



Hello, thanks for your message.

Like mentioned, requests were made on item’s comment section and through Envato’s support section as well.

Author is using gmail, I’m having no issues sending emails to other users at gmail.

Hello @goble1234

You can send email to author from his profile page

Thanks :slight_smile:

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