What we need to do when an author don't give us support from his template?

I purchased a template on December 2017 and asking for supoort on comments template and tickets website from author during January. I never received an answer. What need to do to get support?


Does the author have their own support area? Sometimes a author will not provide support in the item comments if they have their own support area they use.

You can check out the author’s support information by clicking on the item’s support tab. It’s right near the top next to the Comments tab on the item’s description page.

If you have already commented on their support forum and they haven’t contacted you after several days, please open a Help Ticket at Envato Help and Support


Who is the author?

I contacted the author via his support area and never received an answer.
I prefer don’t tell who is him. To give him the option the continue whith good sells.

It’s ok i received the support form the author. Thanks.

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