How can I get an answer from the author or Envato when nobody replies

I bought a theme with 6 month support. However the author who supports via the comments, does not react to a simple question. Asking Envato for advise what to do and no reply either.

When did you post the questions? How many days ago?

6 days ago

Usually takes 1-2 days but you will never know if the author is on vacation - this place is for mostly freelancers, you know but there’s nothing you can do except wait for few days. Meanwhile, I’m sure that you’d get a respond from Envato

Well we’ll see doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. This is just a question not a problem, imagine you’re working on a site and you have a real problem and can’t continue. Anyways not your fault, but last time for me to buy any themes here.
This is not the fist time, I thought I try it once more. Thanks anyways for your rapid reply.

Are you sure support is only via comments? I can’t imagine any reputable author who would offer support via Envato comments form only because of very obvious privacy reasons (author may need FTP login details, and other private information to debug issues sometimes). Maybe they have a separate support section?

I’m asking, because we also receive many support requests via Envato comments form, even if documentation has links to our support forums (with BOLD TEXT about the importance of always submitting support requests to support forums), the script itself has Support section (which also leads to support forums) and even item’s page on Envato has support tab, which also leads to support forums. Still, about 20% of users choose to ignore all these, and incorrectly believe their support requests should be answered via comments.

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Sorry to hear that.
Did you checked in documentation his email?
Maybe he left his office, vacancy for aome days.

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Hey tonnetje,

Sounds like you’ve already contacted the Envato support team. Would you mind letting me know the ticket number so I can look into it for you?

Hi there,
Yes, but can’t seem to find a ticket number. I might not have used the correct support channel. Could you send me a link or can I ask you what to do, when an author doesn’t react?

Sure thing @tonnetje,

As a good point of reference, here’s a link which contains everything you need to know about item support, expected timelines and Envato’s role in the process (fun fact- the voice you can hear in the video is me).

At the bottom of the page is a link where you can contact the Envato support folks. Let me know if you have any issues from there, always happy to tap folks on the shoulder :slight_smile:


Thank you, I already read that information, but there is no reply.

@tonnetje, if you’ve gone through that process you should have been given a ticket number? No luck?

Ok I’ve submitted it a 2nd time 962682