No Response From Author For 6 Days

I recently purchased a WP theme. I contacted the author for some reason. It has been 6 days but still no reply.


Please go to theme Comments page and post your commnets and let them know that you need support from them. Hope author will reply you as quickly they can.

Also you can check: How to Contact your purchased theme Author


I already dropped three comments. No response…

If they not reply then contact them through their support systems (Item Support Tab/page) and auhtor are resposnsible to reply you. Thanks

I have the same problem, but nobody seems to care, this is the second time I bought something from EnvatoMarket an the same issue. Author support is NULL

I bought the POLO 5 template from INSPIROMEDIA, downloaded it with outdated plugins , poor documentation and not even an answer yet from the author… Envato should be responsible for it


What should I do? I already open two tickets with them

please give them time to reply your support ticket. You are getting late to get reply may be because of week end.


Weekend started 6 days back?

Hi @Blogsperienced & @pablosj !
An author cannot be online always (for different reasons)! But support Envato answers absolutely all tickets! No need to panic, wait for an answer. :wink: I am sure that they will answer you as soon as they can.

Ok, @CleanMagicAudio , Now I’m on day 7 with very little to no support
What is the point on buying a template if I cannot customize it because of a lousy support?

I see that you have asked in comment section and author say that he has replied your tickets - 4 days ago.

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