NO one is supporting ..Envato & Author too

6 days ago I have purchased this theme…I have asked several queries regarding the features as it is not as per the demo. The author is not responding neither the themeforest.

Oficiona - Job Board WordPress Theme
Can anyone help me with this?


You are a purchaser of the theme, You have option to get support from support tab contact. So, please contact theme Author support and let them know Contact Author Support, theme author will be happy to assist you.


Not getting help.its been more than 7 days


In theme comments I have checked and found you posted a single comments (you posted 15 hours ago) but you didn’t mentioned anything about what is the issues and what you need from the theme author. Please post comments to tell them your concern issues and for getting email support you have to contact theme author from support tab. Support tab link provided in my above reply.


Kindly check properly…I navigate to guided path…entered the description and click on contact the author

hi this is not surprising as most of the time they cannot do anything too much for u and this should be an issue between the author and the platform … though i understand your frustration in case this is too hard to contact the concerned guy , basically this is no use to put all authors and the platform in the same basket and in the eye of the hurricane … (maybe this author is on vacation, at hospital or whatever , we never know). in addition, maybe u are not aware of this but things need time to be treated by the staff no matter what this is all about, it takes time, besides, in or case, we also have to wait for the kind of time that u mentioned to have items reviewed … what i try to explain is that some things take time even if everything goes fast in this world , so , in any case, i think that being patient is the best way … if u have an “emergency” u can still opt for contacting a freelancer to solve the problems for u , too …

Please wait for the theme Author reply. Hope the author will reply you soon. Also you can post a comments and let them know that you have submitted support contact and need their support soon. Thanks

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I’m also having a big problem with an author which doesn’t reply at all. I’m waiting from May 16th for some bug fixes but without any result. I contacted Envato and they only can give my money back! That’s not an option: we worked more than 10 weeks on our website and it’s almost finished. How can I get my support?

I am also having a problem. I don’t know why Envato is listing such seller on the platform.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. The terms of Support are clear, authors are obliged to provide support within the first 6 months of your purchase from Envato Market or if you’ve purchased a support extension. If you’re facing difficulties with getting support you can get in touch with Envato Help and Support and you will receive a refund.

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