The support service from author doesn't response

Hi there, I bought a WordPress theme which have support service form author. (Name removed)

I urgentelly need to be contacted from the author, what should I do if author doesn’t give me feedback? Since friday I have tried to contact the author with no answer.

Thank you for your help.


I am sorry to hear about this, if you look to the comment section of the product it seems like the author does not reply anymore. I am afraid that the author has left (I can’t say 100% for sure). I will suggest to contact envato ( ) and let them know about this.

Hope this will help you out.

Did you send them an email or just use the comments section? That is what is listed as their method for support.

Thankyou for help.

II sent an email to the Help center. Usually how long time they take to respond?

I tried to contact the author from the support page, and also by adding a comment to the Item.