What about author do not reply at all?

Hello everybody,
I bought a wordpress theme on themeforest and actually I can’t contact the author. His zendesk is expired years ago, he does not reply to email and also the comment section looks abandoned.
In documentation he say to contact him by email for updating to new major release, but he does not reply at all (almost month passed). My support is expired and I am willing to renew, but I do not want to buy support before his feedback.

Does anyone experience the same situation? Do you know if Envato offers dispute services? (the theme is still available on the store).

Thank you

Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Thank you @Manriquedelara,
I opened help ticket, but the answer is simply that I can contact the author through comment section or contact form (both already tried).
Actually it looks impossible to get support on that theme. I will install a new theme. The website is really simple, so…
Waiting for author response is loosing time. Hope that nobody else buy the theme that is yet active on envato store.