Assistance after Author refuses to speak with you

So after three days, I finally have had it in trying to get support for an item I purchased a month ago. The product was decent, everything worked as described but then Woocommerce had an update and the theme became outdated. The author finally updated, all except for their custom plugin to help install and import demo content. Which helps build the theme. I of course wrote to the author, they asked me to sign up to their external website, which I did, but then I could not ask for support there as there were glitches, so I let the author know and stated that they only needed to update that plugin (as the plugin is updated from their site directly, and does not come with the downloaded theme). For two days it was the same thing:

Me: I have an issue, this is what the problem is.
Author: please post support on our website.
Me: goes to website, website fails Your website is not working properly.
Author: send me an email with your account and password and purchase code.
Me: obliges and sends email
Author: please post support on our website.
Me: I address this loop in their comment section
Author: please post support on our website
Me: finally has it and just asks for a refund
Author: finally stops automated-like behaviour and asks for the SAME information that I have provided twice.
Me: points out that I have done this already, at this point on the third day of repeating myself I have just had it with it.
Author: claims that I am being uncooperative and accuses me of being a developer who wants to steal his theme.
Me: points out the unprofessional behaviour and encourages the author to report me if they really feel this way I only suspect this to be a scare tactic for me to just back down and accept the lack of support
Author: *states that they too do not have a good experience with me and refuses to further discuss with me until they get an email from Envato.

Of course this is all pointed out in the comments section of that item, I feel I should warn other potential buyers of this, as this is not the quality service or support I have experienced with other authors on Envato. The support has been nonexistent.

Closing thread as this is a matter for support.

Unfortunately, no one in the forums will be able to help.