Author avoids help


I have a problem. Big problem :frowning:

I ordered a template on, bought additional, full support - 12 months.

We have a problem with a certain element that is described as possible and simple to perform.
It’s about importing data into WordPress. We cannot import because the categories created in WordPress and this plugin are inconsistent and as it turned out some are in taxonomies, some in categories, some in tags. A complete mess.

I wrote several e-mails to the author asking for help with no response.
I wrote several tickets on their help system, no response. Some have been deleted by the author.
I wrote a message in the “Comments” section of the author’s page on - deleted by the author

No response to our messages, the author avoids help.
Another month has just passed.
I can’t start the page because I can’t load the data. The author avoids help.
It has the rank of “Elite Author”, the system has been sold in the amount of over 2.3K units.
124 reviews and 4.8*

What to do?
How to persuade to help?

Thx for help

Hi @mojonek,

You can request a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


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Thanks for the answer

I know that I can request a refund.
I would like to continue using this solution.
The only problem I have is the lack of help from the author :frowning:


I was defrauded by merchants, I bought the code from them, deployed it for nine days in total, and asked me to replace the server because of problems, I replaced three servers until now the merchant directly closed my account on their platform, and the money was charged. If you don’t deal with me, send me a message and don’t reply, the merchant says it doesn’t matter, I can’t do anything about it