Trouble Getting Support from Author

Hi All,
Bought this theme and additional support. Doesn’t look like the creator has been about for a couple months at least, they’ve not responded to any commends, or the support tickets that I raised in their own support portal almost 4 weeks ago.

Still says that the author is supporting the theme so not sure how to proceed on this?

You can raise a dispute with Envato Support

Thanks Matthew,
I have done, they got me to raise a refund request for the extra purchased support but beyond that I don’t think there’s much that they can do


I am a new customer of Envato. Recently, we got problems with Envato software that cannot be handled. There are simple issues like login problems or display feature lacking. Is there any suggestion for good channels to deal with these? Sorry if I cannot an easy channel to help.

We are technical staff. Our job is to help our client to install your product (which our client likes the look of the product), but we are supposed not to touch on the programming. Since we are faced with problems in getting the login page at first. Furthermore, the theme author only put 9 products on the demo page. For example, any items with more than 9 products cannot be displayed on the page and the author seem not not bother to see if a “next page” button nor any other means could help.

As another example, we see a few products displayed on the front page. We asked for documentation of this and there are no explanations on whether they are “latest”, “best selling” nor "picked (hard-code? Not sure?). It is really hard for use to explain this to our client because there are no documentations on this and we cannot get a proper reply.

Our of the 5 issue we raised, we simply like to see if any of them could be handled so that we can finish our job for our customer.


You have no buyer badge on your account - could that be why the author is reluctant to help?

Have you tried logging in using the account which purchased the file before asking for help?


This is not a support forum, you need to log into the account where you purchased the item and contact the author of the item directly from either the item’s support page or the author’s profile page.