Website Support Issues

Faced author feedback problem.
After buying a template, the author does not respond to technical support requests for more than the specified period. Maybe someone faced a similar situation? Email address not specified, only through comments.
Is it possible to somehow reach the author through official representatives of themeforest or codecanyon?

What do you mean by “for more than the specified period”? Do you mean the initial 6 months?

Most authors have their own support portals but some choose to use comments or direct email via. Envato.

If it’s an issue that is covered by support, it has been a reasonable period of time, and you are still within your active support period then you can reach out to envato

‘more than the specified period’ by this may be you mean the time mentioned in support page to get author response. Please to get author suport for technical issues contact through Item support page contact button. For weekend author response can be delay because some authors not provide support on weekend.

I meant this:
This author’s response time can be up to 2 business days .

As I said earlier, the author provides support only through comments on the product page in themeforest.
There are no contact details, and there is no own site either. Therefore, I decided to clarify how to reach out.

That’s only a guideline and not a guarantee

As per above of it has been a significantly longer time with no response at all then you can try asking envato to look into it

How can this be done, please tell me.

may we know when you have submitted your comments in item comments page to get support mean how many days ago!

4 days

Envato Market Help and Support is the link to envato but I highly doubt they would get involved after only 4 days and especially around Easter weekend

Thanks for the help! Be sure to turn after the weekend …