What to do if Author doesn't reply second week?

I bought the theme and see that this is a multilanguage theme but have a ton of issues with translation. send message via email and via ThemeForest system. The author doesn’t answer me for over 2 weeks what to do now?


Sometimes authors can be away or overloaded with work and support enquiries.

Hmmm - I would suggest going to the item page on Themeforest and clicking on the “Support” tab. Many authors do not utilize the contact form and instead use the comments section or their own support forum. Here’s an example of what Avada has on their support tab:

Also - on the same support tab you want to make sure the item you purchased says “Supported” (like the screenshot for Avada does above) - if it doesn’t have that blue Supported tag then the author is not obligated to provide individual customer support.

And last, you can check the comments section on the theme to see if the author has been active recently. This can give you a good idea if they’re checking in often to answer comments/support.

In any case, I hope you get a reply from them soon!

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@123Simples @WPExplorer
This theme and I see in the support section This author's response time can be up to **1 business day**

via system i send 3 weak ago~
via email already 5 weak
still don’t answer me, no see that authors on vacation


As forum members we cannot see if you have ordered and paid for this item but I assume you have done that. The author seems to be responding quite promptly to other users on this item if they have questions or issues, so I am wondering why we cannot see your username on those comments pages?


I have tried to look in our emails and no messages from this “hik200” profile. Please email me on jakjim@gmail.com and share your purchase code too

I’m helping my friend vadim4ik228.
Answer him please @Jthemes

I have repeatedly submitted support requests and the author is not replying. One has been over three weeks and another has been longer. How do I get support from them?


Same thing applies -

If you still have no joy, and you are within your support period, then please contact Envato: