Template purchase

Hi there, I bought an Envato template. I’m trying to write the author for asking about template sets but nobody reply me.
Do you know how can i do to be in contact with this author template if he doesn’t give me an answer?

Thanks. Kind regards

Hi @jraffaele,

You can ask your query directly to the template author by posting comments going through the template Comments page.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Also you can check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.


Hi, thanks for your support.

I wrote 3 times in author chat but nobodys replied me.

Could you help me to understand how is the best way to receive a real support?
Thanks so much

You have to go through the right track.
How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Hi Mr. MGSCODER, thanks for your reply.
I wrote 3 times to the author (themicart) from my email (jent3al@gmail.com) to ask about home page template (interico architecture) content that i cannot modify.

I followed all youtube video steps that you attached in your last message but nobody happen.
How can i do? It it a really boring situation…

Thanks for your support

direct Contact from personal email is not the correct way to ask support. You should contact through Envato, details about how to contact you will get (link) in my previous reply.

I saw your yourutube video and i haven’t “go to item support” on support page.
I found this kind of box Support for Interico - Interior Design & Architecture WordPress Theme (themeforest.net) where there is directly a " contact author box".

I wrote him3 times without reply…

I can see you have posted 4 Comments. First two 2 month ago, 3rd one 1 month ago and 4th one today. I can see the author is not responding to any Comments and seems like the author is not active there. In this situation you can request a refund here. Thanks

Thanks for your support.

Just last question.
I booked this template one month ago as you see and i have work so much on it about contents and settings… so … if i will aska refund will i go to lost this template definitely with all it contents or I get back the money spent maintaining the site?


Seems like you have posted the purchase code in Comments. purchase code is unique and it should not share in public.

If you ask for refund then if your request was approved you will get the theme purchased price back. Remember, once your refund has been processed, your right to use, download and rate the item is revoked.