How to reach to author who are not able to revert on specified time bound?

Hello Envato,

I would like to buy a website item so i have few points to clear before i will move forward. So i have sent all those points to author but author may be busy in some other priorities and hence not able to move forward from this point. So can you or someone, guide and assist to me so i can move forward.

Krunal Panchal


You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. The item author will answer your query. Author should reply as soon as they can (within few hours).


That’s I have already done before 3-4 days back. But there is no update from client side.

So asking to tackle such scenario.

I think you should find out another Item because when you will need an argent support then how many days will you wait for a response!

Even though that period has been mentioned as 2-3 days, it is almost a week now and no update. So I would like to touch base author or someone else who can assist me.

Item support is being provided by its own author, no one would be providing free support for someone else work.

That’s very true. But how to reach that author if they are not responding on specified time period.

Is there anyone else from.envato , could assist to reach them?

Find another item or purchase it on your own risk.


I think you may be right like auther may have some urgency I am not denied on that aspect. But its almost a week around time.

And so asking here to get some assistance as I am new to Envato.

I have posted a comment, sent an email & followup but no response till now. And I don’t have any idea how to raise a support ticket to specific author. It would be great if you can help me with this.

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal Panchal

Just to be clear - envato cannot/won’t answer item specific questions.

You cannot open author support tickets without having purchased an item

You can email the author from their profile but I would expect item comments to be the fastest route