Item Autor doesn't reply for support

Hi all

I’m new in envato and I’ve purchased at them few day’s. After that I find out its doesn’t work properly and it has lot’s of bug. I’ve opened support ticket but they don’t reply anymore.

In there theme I’ve added few custom css and its showing link this link,

Any solution how can I contact them or how can I contact envato author for report? Its seems I’ve wasted my money and time with theme.



First of all you should check if the purchased item is supported by the author. You can see this info on the right side of the item.
So, if the item is supported, you should wait 2-4 days for support (depending if you are asking for support in weekend. Many authors does not provide support in weekends).

If you don’t hear any reply from the author you can ask for a refund,

Good Luck :sunny: