Contacted Envato Support 2 Weeks Ago, Didn't Get Any Reply Yet

Hi everyone,
I had contacted Envato Author Support around 2 weeks days ago. But still didn’t got any support yet. Just a courtesy email. Again, after getting suggested from a moderator, opened a new support ticket on Envato. But again, the same! No support from Envato. Isn’t it really too much time to get a support as an author?



I don’t see any open tickets under your username name and no ticket opened this year. Do you happen to have the ticket number? Or were you perhaps opening a support ticket with the author of the theme?

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Have you checked your spam folder? As an example too we use Outlook for emails, but I know if I login to my own server email account, then sometimes the email got blocked as spam there, and never even arrived to Outlook on my PC!

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Hello @KingDog
I’m a team member of @theme_land . We did contacted for support 2 times on Envato. The first ticket was 2648099 & the last was 2657628. The first one was on Mon, 7 Feb & the last one was on Wed, 16 Feb. But still didn’t get any proper support or reply. Just found a courtesy email on the first one from Sophie (Envato Author Help) on Fri, 11 Feb. Till now, we didn’t get any support which we asked for. Please take a look & help us providing a support what we’re seeking.

We did checked the spam folder. But we didn’t find any support email from Envato.

Thanks! It looks like you should have a response now.