new guy, I want to make an affiliate website

I have a few themes I already purchased. I want someone who has experience making affiliates to help me build a site

Hey There,

I am working with Niche based / affiliate sites to create sources of extra income.
Contact me at and I will be happy to work with you.

Thanks a lot

Hello there,

I can consult you to build an affiliate website or can build it myself for you.

Add me on Skype (crelegant) for further discussion.

What is your email

Send me a message using my profile contact form.

Why is it so hard to find someone on this site that does not take advantage of you?

If you come up with a budget of $50 to make a professional website, no one will be interested to work on it.

No I paid 190 dollars for a promise of a theme and assistance to the
previous commenter, then he won’t return emails or my money, I paid a 1000
dollars to another person who did not make anything,. Hey are you
commenting about 50 dollar projects,. I think you should not comment on
anything if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I am really sorry to hear about your situation. I didn’t know that. But, before hiring these people, did you check their prior work or their knowledge in affiliate marketing?

Yes some of them have profile on envato. I assumed that this meant something

I am genuinely sorry to hear about your situation and this is exactly why the forums are not supposed to be used to solicit work and self promote. Unfortunately it is very hard to combat people doing this.

Of all the people who continually offer their services on every thread here I can only think of a very small number who are known to be reliable. I’m not saying that everyone else doesn’t know what they are doing but after years of working in this industry and thousands of $/hours spent on envato it never ceases to amaze me how many ‘developers’ (I use that term lightly!) don’t have portfolios or if they do how weak they are.

You can use for people who have been vetted properly and where envato can help manage the agreement but the unfortunate truth remains that the really strong developers on here rarely offer their services freelance and those who do charge proper ($50-$100/hour) amounts.

I could be wrong but anyone who agrees to build (or even edit a pre-built theme) to custom an affiliate site for $190 (or even $1000 really) is almost certainly not worth touching.

Again I am sorry for your situation and I hope that you get it resolved.


If you paid through paypal, you can open a dispute.

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That’s why I wanted someone to teach me so these kinds of people would not prey on me! I still need to learn. Now it’s hard to trust anyone

I will try and dispute thru paypal

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Hey @fykes400,

I can only echo @charlie4282’s words.

Genuinely sorry that this happened to you. We’re going to be applying some measures shortly to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. There are good people here and quality freelancers as well, as @charlie4282 notes, it’s only those on who have undergone a process of review, and who’s quality Envato can vouch for.

If you want to work with me, let me know. You can add me on Skype, where we can take the discussion further. (Skype ID is crelegant)

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I’m 1300 in the hole and have a decision to make do I continue on or give up? I still want to learn but I needed a mentor or guide to show me how to customize a theme and add my links. Where are the guys on here that are approved or safe? I want a simple affiliate just to grasp the concept. “baby steps”

So not in the forum section?

If you just want to learn how to do it then you would probably be better off looking at Googling courses or try Lynda or Udemy etc.

Basic setup is quite simple and there’s thousands of good, free or cheap resources out there to show you how.

The thing is that freelancer projects are more about actual projects and will charge quite a bit (e.g. Hourly rates) to “teach stuff”.

You could definitely find someone on to help set a theme up with some links etc but you need to understand that affiliates doesn’t stop there - to make it work properly and earn anything properly from it then you need to be constantly working to optimise and update the links, the site itself (e.g no one is going to click the links if your SEO is bad, display is weak or uncompetitive and they can’t find your site!) and so on.

To prevent you being burnt again - it really comes down to what you want to do/achieve but it’s not a one trick, quick earner or 5 minute exercise and you will end up having to pay a lot if you need baby steps the whole way through (warning… As you have experienced already - if someone knows what they are doing and is willing to teach you all you need to know and help on going with optimising activity, ALL for a few hundred $ then as with building sites they are almost certainly not the right people to help!) hence why I’d suggest looking at online courses first.

Yeah with those courses with me it’s a whole lot of trial and error for me,
mostly error. I was hoping on feeding off of someone’s experience, as I’m
a visual kind of guy you show me once il usually get it , I l try online
courses again, thanks