Can anyone make multi-vendor affiliated website?

I am looking for a multi-vendor affiliated website, which can fetch all deals, offers posted on commission junction, linkshare, pepperjam, amazon, ebay etc

An similar or upgraded version of

Look on for a vetted freelancer.

Bear in mind 3 things:

  1. This is quite a big build so you need to be realistic on required budgets

  2. Make sure of the freelancer you hire as it’s not going to be a simple of 5 minute build with a lot of technical challenges

  3. Remember that affiliate websites require a lot of work moving forward - you don’t just set up the site and sit back and earn and without doing this you will end up having wasted your initial investment.

You need to constantly adjust, optimize and update so you need to be sure you are comfortable/have budget for freelancers in making necessary changes etc.

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Could you please be more specific regarding the budget required to build such a website?

For example, I want to build a web shop, selling products through affiliate links. Though, I have a hard time finding a theme for my project.

Do you think that it is possible for me to find a ready made theme on Theme-forest and customize it according to my needs?

My concern is that since I am not going to sell products, but only send customers to vendors, I am not going to need shopping card buttons and payment methods. Will I be able to disable these buttons if I buy an eCommerce theme? I would only need a wish list.

Potentially yes - you wouldn’t even really need any shop front if you are just linking.

The challenge is integrating all the different affiliate connections and the necessary optimisation long term to make it successful.

You’d prob find it easier to choose a nice theme and look at affiliate plugins on codecanyon which will make life A LOT easier to manage the integration.

Very well!

Thanks a lot!