Feature release: keyword search for the Downloads page

Hi authors,

I’m excited to let you know about an improvement we’ve recently made to the Downloads page on Envato Market.

Customers who’ve downloaded lots of items can find it difficult to quickly locate a downloaded item in their Downloads list. To help customers with this task, we’ve built a keyword search feature on the Downloads page. You can see an example of the new experience below:

We know how important the post-purchase experience is to customers and we’re keen to continue improving it.



So awesome! :tada::tada::tada:

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This is great for those of us with significant volumes of downloads.

Is there any plan to add some way to annotate or label individual items, to help determine the project or website where a file is in use? When you have purchased multiple copies of a single item or theme this can get quite confusing.



Wow! a great feature for the customer who has purchased a large volume of items.
I also like to recommend adding a Field for the customer for each purchase item where customers can add a comment for their need (for example the add URL where the item has been used) and can save it in their download page.

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Nice addition, sure that a lot of customers can benefit from it. But I think that some small improvements can be made.

One of them is that you can make the placeholder text darker so a vision impaired person will also see the text.

Also if the same item is purchased multiple times it needs to show only one time in search results.

As for the design of this area, I think it can be improved with 2-3 CSS changes.

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We really appreciate all of your comments and feedback, there’s some great ideas here for us to think about for the future.

Please keep it coming!

Thankyou :grinning:


After the ‘keyword Research’ addition my work became easy. The update is quick and easy. Thanks a bundle!




So awesome! :ok_hand:

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This feature will be awesome for customer, I hope.

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Thanks, I was thinking that you would implement those changes but they are still there. I think that text placeholder color is the most urgent one. Thanks!

Moving forward kudos!

A digression, this feature is also needed on Elements. Many more downloads over there, also list by project?


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Can you check new top navigation and search form on 15.6" laptops?

Because, user menu texts are smaller and can’t read easily.

Also, search form looks so bad!

@Ani_D @KingDog I have realized. does seen small size text in profile drop down menu for only profile pages. If viewed from home page or other category page. So, It is fine. Please check it screenshot below.


It is really appreciated, it make people find there downloads easily…

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This is a really great feature, very easy for novice users like me.

Thank you dev

Wow, this was a so much needed feature, congrats guys!

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This is great for those of us with significant volumes of downloads.
It is really appreciated, it makes people find their downloads easily.