Problems with search

It’s true.
But, I’ve had sales almost every day and few days ago they just gone dead.Even after uploading new items.
I don’t think it’s a browser.
I’ve analysed the situation.And it seems that top authors got huge advance in traffic from thursday or friday and all other authors was just left behind.
And it’s not the first time for sure.


I wonder if Envato’s staff, or the moderators, can answer something to us? I think that they have already read this topic. To dispel doubts


In any my browsers the same list(

The big problem of this is NO SALES FOR NEW ITEMS as they are going to be invisible for customers when they search in the category tabs


Yandex and Safari show the trend, Opera - new. This is in my case.
Google Chrome, also show the trend.

This is part of a series of tests we are running across market, previously announced here

As it to be long, it isn’t known.
After test results, will draw conclusions.
I think new authors won’t leave without sales.
I think want to make new elements of search, new buttons, new tabs.
And so far, we wait…

In this and the matter that is unknown. Tests are certainly good, but when all the new tracks will go “to warehousing and there dusts in the dark”, then this is not very good


Authors will remove the Exclusivity.
Also will look for other resources for sale, in this situation.

I hope Envato think carefully about how they interpret the results of any experiments they are carrying out with the default ordering of searches. A default ordering that gives a high weighting to sales could well get you a short term increase in sales volume. But over the longer-term it would be unhealthy for the market if it became very difficult - or near to impossible - for new author/tracks to get any traction.

For example, would AurusAudio’s meteoric rise over the past three years or so have been possible if new items hadn’t been given some kind of temporary prominence in searches over this period? And if it hadn’t have been been possible Envato would have lost out I think.


As for me this March is the worst month if talking about sales. Half as much comparing with any other month. The way things are going, need to find side job and it would be awful. Pls AJ don’t let me give up :disappointed_relieved:

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Currently, when you hit the All New Items button on the Homepage (bottom left of the first image), Trending Items come up (second image).

Clearly, this makes no sense.:confused:


What comes up are tracks indicated as Trending Items according to the drop-down menu; they are not, in fact, Trending.

But they’re NOT All New Items either.


Thats really awful! It means no difference beetween uploading and not…


@scottwills @KingDog Please respond to this post, explain to us what is the reason for changing the search conditions. So now it will always be or is it a bug?

This is really bad. Why isn’t the experiment limited to a smaller portion of the market? This is like dropping a nuclear warhead on a city to see if it explodes.

If this goes on for long I’m not sure of anything anymore. This all looks like Dinosaurs 3.0 to me. Potential huge mistake. I guess we’ll have to hope there is an upside to it somehow, or at least a fallback plan in place.

Does anyone even understand how the “trending” algorithm works? How are we supposed to adapt to something that’s completely veiled in mystery?

I sincerely doubt anything good will come out of defaulting to an algorithm that (assumably) primarily takes views, comments and sales into account.

Give it a month and we’ll have the Click-Farm Marketing Mayhem of the Century here to stay.


Let’s just hope this is a temporary bug, and not someone’s terribly misguided idea of a feature.


Maybe will make so…

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If you go to “All New Items” button on main page it will direct you again to best sellers. Wow…

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Wow, and I thought it was bad before… at least we had an hour or so before a new track was wasted. Now it’s immediately gone forever. Great stuff.

But it sure is nice to see “trending” items with a total of 4 sales since 2009… Setting new trends with 0.5 sales per year.


I hope customers looking for newer items know how to use filters

Truly terrifying :rage: