Envato, Please stop messing with my eyes.

I go to the themes and the icons (thumbnails) were smaller and tiled nicely. I come back 30 minutes later and they are in a grid with larger thumbnails, I check back in 2 hours and then they are all in a list style with small icons (thumbnails).
So now I log back in and huge thumbnails in a grid view. Please make up your mind on how the format should be.

I know I can change the list from tiled to list style but it never stays the same. I’m going to need a new set of eyes, It’s causing fatigue. :slight_smile:


Hi @Pandora_Black :slight_smile: Those changes are part of an A/B test that we’re running at the moment - there’s a bit more info on this process here.

If you manually select an option (grid or list), that choice will remain in place - the different default views in the current A/B test are only shown to people who haven’t set a preferred option.


Hi @Pandora_Black,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you’re seeing. Once you are enrolled in a variant for an A/B test it shouldn’t change each time you visit the page. Are you by any chance blocking cookies that would be saving which variant to display?

If you could let us know what browser you’re using and whether you have cookies blocked we can investigate further.


We confirm … thumbnails are so much better guys … the covers now are messing the whole layout with so much information.

the covers are showing on Firefox and Safari.

Thank you so much guys