tired of wasting time and money on subpar themes


This has happened so many times now. The latest project we started, we purchased TWO themes, and both were missing files. After trying to talk to both authors, we have only been led in a wild goose chase, and our new site is weeks behind schedule.

Obviously envato doesn’t do any kind of quality control on the themes OR customer service (hell your own site has a ‘contact’ link that goes nowhere).

The first theme, [name removed], we are being led in circles over weeks. Still no help. The theme’s functions file references MANY files that are not even there in the theme folder.

Same thing with [name removed]. This theme author was actually willing to try and help, but doesn’t appear to be hearing that MANY files are also missing from the theme. They keep sending bits and pieces, saying ‘try it now’, and it still results in a broken site.

In a word: RIDICULOUS.

Gee, should we try a third theme though we’ve had TERRIBLE luck with getting themes from here to work? Clearly envato cares about making money, and does everything in their power to avoid providing quality control or customer service. GROSS

yeah no clear category in which to post this either. shocker


Hi Justgova,

I’m Christian, one of the Help Team Leaders at Envato.

It’s disappointing to hear that both of the themes you’ve purchased haven’t turned out as expected. All of the Themes sold on Envato Market undergo a thorough QA check before they’re approved for sale. I’ve asked one of our Help Team to look into this as a priority for you, you should hear from someone shortly.

With regards to the contact link on envato.com, it should reveal the following options: http://envato.d.pr/1knlH/1jukwnxt , where you can open a ticket with us through our help center. If it’s not working can I ask which device you’re using and I’ll be happy to escalate this for you.

We’ll be in touch as quickly as we can.




Envato may check originally, but what about theme updates? Are they all checked?

In the case of the Javo Directory theme, I’m told over and over via email they will only offer support via their support forum, but the forum registration requires the username and other info to match that on envato. And even when I carefully matched ALL user info, they will not allow me to register. Really tired of arguing with the theme author about whether or not I get support for their product.

On a side note… like a lot of business I’m sure, I work on a team that builds and manages dozens of sites. So for example, whatever contact response you send out will go to the company owner, who is often so busy it takes some time for her to forward messages. Similarly, this is the ONLY site I regularly need to access where I’ve not been able to access via her account because of the intensive multi-user/locations restrictions. I get that y’all are trying to avoid multiple people using the same 1 paid-for-theme, but it REALLY slows down production…to not be able to login and get the theme she picked out, to access support directly, etc