What's with the ugly item list layout?

I’m coming back from vacation and what do I see when I go to ThemeForest :

The item list is just very ugly! Since when did the results show up like this?

If I were a customer, I would want to buy no theme with this display, nothing makes you want to buy !

Authors spend time making beautiful thumbnails that make customers want to see more on the theme, so use them in the results …

Also, some thumbnails do not display properly.

For example, here is how one of my preview is displayed :

And here is how Envato display it in its results

It’s just awful, I don’t even want to buy my own themes :neutral_face:

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I think it’s a bug :confused:

@leafcolor You mean my item or the results layout ?

Envato’s A/B/C test (at least I saw 3 different versions of thumbnails).

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Actually I like it. I vote for preview image version.

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It’s not working with preview image. I think images are creating automatically from screenshots. But this is bad here is the example

Trouble encountered with Safari browser when using grid view.

I thought i’m the only one with weird looking list. What’s the use of thumbnail if they decided to look like that. It’s messy feels like a bug and it’s like a website that offers free to download template.

Is this a joke Envato? None of my themes looks like on screenshots generated. In addition, the previews were generated in responsive mode which has nothing to do with the real iteam appearance.

Once again you introduce a significant change, without consulting the authors or even without informing us. Well, it’s no more surprise to me why individual days differ so much in sales.


Even it displays the screenshot of the landing page, it is NOT the theme.
Man, now I know why our sales are decreasing these days, besides holiday reason, is this testing.

new features?