Thumbnail image error on Themeforest

Hi, today I updated the thumbnail image of my item.

But error appears in the list.

Already rebooked uploading several times but the error remains.

I need help beacause i’m losting solds.

Sorry my bad english.



Had the same issues for me. Deleted the image from Envato, renamed it to thumbnail.png, and uploaded again, and it worked like a charm! Give it a try! Cheers!

Hi, i try it now but dont work for me.
I deleted the thumbnail from Envato, renamed to thumbnail.png and re-uploaded again.
Do you have another tip?

I’m losing a lot of sales.


Same here. Trusted update doesn’t works

Same but with the preview image. Tried uploading half a dozen times. Contacted support 12 hours ago, no fix yet.

I’ve seen this problem too on the market but after refreshing the page by clearing the cache the thumbnails loaded correctly without issues.

Regards :slight_smile: