Can't update product in themeforest

I am getting an error from today while trying to update items in ThemeForest. see this screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot. Is there anyone who can explain the reason?



You can use VPN and try it

Do you think it’s a country based/related issue?
is there anyone who is suffering from the same issue?


You’re not the only one. I also can’t update my product, same error.

Got it.
Thank you very much for your information.

Same issue here. Trying from the morning. Same error each time.

Same for everyone

Getting same issue. Trying to update files on product (Mobile).

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Same here. I am rushed into updating my theme to fix a critical bug and then this issue happen. Very annoying.

Still same issue :rage:

Yes. same for me

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Many customers are emailing me to ask for an update. I have to reply to them one by one with an attached file of my theme. Seems this is the only solution at this time. I feel like we are 90 now :sweat_smile:

i have fixed my theme error and this need an immediate update but i can’t

Same problem here

Still seeing this slender man now. Come on Envato.

More information about this issue here:

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